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    Enlighten your easy life
    Cooperation and innovation
    Cooperation and innovation

    The strong platform of Soontrue provides all the Soontrue people best resource conditions;

    First Soontrue Innovation was on the resource of market and itself, by the spirit of “focus” to upgrade to “innovation”;

    And Innovation of Soontrue never accept non-reality and inefficiency, the main purpose is to create better sources;

    So the innovation claimed by Soontrue is “ innovation based on resource, innovation create sources”, same for technical innovation!

    Cooperative client partners
    Cooperative client partners

    As the first generation of automatic machinery brand ,

    which involve to independent research and development, manufacture, and provide full case service in China,

    “Innovation” that Soontrue has shown so far,

    Soontrue was lucky to witness a group of food, 

    commodity etc enterprises from brand to be famous brand !

    “Everything is customer-oriented” is the market conception of Soontrue,

    It simply reflects the correct and positive values of Soontrue;

    Soontrue service philosophy “customer + I=we”

    Relations with customers have been reflected incisively and vividly for nearly 30 years,

    Every customer is the friend and family of Soontrue,Every customer's success is the glory of Soontrue.

    Cooperation Process
    Cooperation Process
    • Requirements Development

    • Positioning and combing

    • Solution suggestion

      1. Programming & follow-up

      2. Proposal negotiation

      3. Data auditing

    • solution confirmation

    • Sign for cooperation

    • Resources integration

    • Equipment manufacturing

    • Equipment delivery

    • Installation & debugging

    • Personnel training

    • Acceptance inspection

    • periodic return visit

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